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Simplify Enterprise Asset Management 

with Maptsoft.

Maptsoft is designed to take the headache out of managing activity across your key assets by streamlining your workflows and digitizing the collection and dissemination of your asset information which is securely stored and organized in the cloud.

We take the hassle out of cumbersome paper-based reporting and data collection so you can focus your team’s energy and attention on the performance of your asset base instead of excessive admin. Maptsoft will track and log all asset life cycle activity in a centralized location which you can access from anywhere.

The Mapsoft Suite

Key Features

Works with NFC + RFID + QR

Digitally track your assets via a variety of capture & scan methods. We also cater for tag-less assets and code scanning.

Available on Mobile + Web

Sync your field data to our website for for a full suite of reporting and tracking tools to keep you informed and stakeholders up to date.

Available in 4 Languages

Maptsoft is currently available in Spanish, French, Indonesian and English. Both on the web and on the app.

The maptsoft Advantage

We have packed the app with several features to facilitate data collection on the ground in a simple manner. Helping you collect not just quantitative asset data, but qualitative information too.

  • Digital Signatures
  • Voice Notes
  • Image Annotation & Labeling
  • Data Protection & Recovery
  • Delivery Notes
  • Installation certificates
  • Geo-Stamping
  • Pending Maintenance Overview
  • QR & Barcode Scanning

The Features You Need

Whether presenting reports to Stakeholders or analyzing historical data, we help you get more from your collected information with additional tools and features.

  • Branded Reporting
  • Create Customer ID
  • Cost Management
  • Invoicing & Quotes
  • Asset Life History
  • ERP Integration
  • Custom Dashboards

Digitize Your Paper Based Workflows

Create & Edit Asset Info

Request & Resolve Maintenance

Capture & Annotate Images

Review & Sign Off

Take Advantage

Paperless System

No more filing, no more tedious data capture. Maptsoft is completely paperless from start to finish. All reports can be exported to PDF for printing if needed.

Extensive Reporting

We have a wide range of report types available from basic activity reports to detailed analysis and measurements - all exportable to PDF & Excel.

Analyse Trends

There are a host of live graphing tools and data widgets available on the web to plot trends, timelines and make performance comparisons.

View Asset Locations

Track & Monitor

We’ll create a unique solution that fits your workflow. Standard tracking tools in every inspection include:

+ Inspection Duration

GPS Location

User ID & Date Stamp

+ Images & Voice Notes

+ Customer ID

and more…

Custom Dashboards

Create dashboards for data insights that are tuned to your specific needs or use case. Load dashboards with widgets for items such as

  + Pending Maintenance

  + Overdue Inspections

  + Warranties Expiring

  + Cost of Ownership

  + Days in Service

and more…

Data Widgets

Steps to Start Tracking

Once you have installed and synced our mobile app with your account information. You are ready to begin digitizing your asset base and collecting in field inspection data. In three easy steps:

Write Assets

Capture the key identifying information for your asset by scanning an RFID tag with your device. populating the fields, then simply saving that data to the tag.

Scan and Capture

Every time a user scans that tag with the app, the system will recognize the asset type and information and then pull up the relevant inspection regime.

Sync and Report

Field work saves to your device and will queue up for syncing once you have a data connection. Data is then immediately available for reporting.

Tag your active field assets

Get Actionable Insights

Making the right decisions is much easier when you have the right information. Our web features help you sift and sort through your data to help you see the bigger picture with a wide range or reporting and data tools.

+ Cost Analysis

+ Trend Analysis

+ Graphing Tools

+ Activity Reports

+ Warranty Reports

+ Asset Detail Profiles

+ Asset Maps

+ Distribution Maps

and more…

Planned Maintenance Preview

System FAQ

Lost tags are simply replaced with a new tag and then the asset data is migrated from the old tag to the new tag while the lost teg is removed from the system

Maptsoft is integration ready for all major ERP platforms

The system has a range of user permissions and controls to control who has access to your information

Maptsoft is only available on iPhone for Tagless* asset types. Only the Maptsoft Reporting app is available for iOS.

We will custom develop any unique features you may need on a case-by-case basis.

We’ll be happy to setup a no obligation trial or do a product demonstration.

No License Needed

Easy to Use

Branded Reports

Unlimited Sites & Users

Maptsoft Help

We offer immediate support across a range of digital channels to assist with any problem whether in the field or on the web. Reach out via our Whatsapp Groups, send an e-mail to or visit the help center via the button below.

Maptsoft training

Let us help your team get off the ground running by scheduling a training session with us. We will come to you to provide basic training and setup guidance. Our help center also has a range of training materials you can download for self training.

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