About Maptsoft Mining Asset Performance Tracking Software was specifically developed for the Mining industry to facilitate the real-time data capture and reporting of critical mining assets in the field. Maptsoft is designed to make the management of mining equipment easier and more efficient. Maptsoft uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, which has been globally recognised and proven as the best automatic identification solution for asset tracking. Maptsoft takes this further with the asset reporting, inspection, and maintenance aspects of the software. Clients require cost analysis reporting of manufacturer specific supplied items and their performance in specific applications. The Maptsoft solution stores all its data on servers that can be accessed from any web browser and internet access enabled computer. Users can generate real-time reports when asset take on’s, inspections, and maintenance are performed. Access to the global database, allows Clients to choose the best manufacturer for their specific environmental conditions. With regards to conveyors, filters currently include; • Material conveyed • Belt speed • Time frame This allows Maptsoft Clients to identify the best performing asset manufacturer in environment-specific applications, allowing for reduced total cost of ownership of critical assets. Data capture is paperless and made even easier by the handheld devices running the Maptsoft software. This allows easier information gathering and meaningful use of the accumulated data about the performance of those assets. High-value, mission-critical assets are tagged with RFID tags. Each tag holds important data regarding the design and components used in the asset, as well important dates such as date of manufacture, length of warranty and, for example, the last date of inspection. The Maptsoft login permission structure allows mine specific accessibility for the Client Management hierarchies. The Maptsoft solution strives to eliminate communication breakdowns within the Management structure. This data is stored and is accessible from the Web server, and ensures Client’s peace-of-mind for information security and data synchronisation across multiple sites or users. The Technology Maptsoft solutions uses robust, handheld RFID tag readers and RFID tags. This captures and stores the data digitally, allowing Maptsoft to collate and store data in an easy-to-use and accessible format. Maptsoft assists the user in: • Performing advanced maintenance inspections easily, using custom pre-populated drop down menus. • Tracking who performed the maintenance requests and on which assets. • Determining what maintenance tasks were requested, and when they were requested. • Automatically delivering reports to relevant Management hierarchies. • Distributing the daily reports via automated mailing lists (e.g. reports summarising maintenance and component replacements). Reporting and Graphing The final feature is the reporting and graphing functions. This allows the end user to evaluate the absolute performance of components from all the different manufacturers, relative to the perceived satisfaction recorded by all users of those components. This function also allows the user to filter the data and isolate which components work best in a given environment, for e.g. in a mine that produces coal, conveying at 3 m/s, on a textile belt with steel belt clips: - which conveyor scraper lasts longest and has the highest satisfaction when used by end users. This graph sample is an example to illustrate the result as well as the BCI (Belt Cleanliness Index). Warranty Claims With several thousand assets in the mining environment, warranty claims are extremely difficult to identify. The Maptsoft solution tracks your assets warranties and reports if an asset has been retired before its warranty has expired. This allows Maptsoft Clients to scrutinise potential warranty claims for underperforming assets with ease. Modularisation The Maptsoft system has been specifically designed with dynamic/flexible module packages in mind, this allows Maptsoft to quickly and efficiently develop new modules for Client specific applications. If you have a specific need, Maptsoft has the easily tailored solution. Modularisation allows Maptsoft to be scalable to any mining or other application where RFID technology can assist. Conveyor module Maptsoft’s Industry first Conveyor Module will assist you in asset tracking and cost analysis, along with performing and managing maintenance. Traceable assets currently include scrapers, pulleys, conveyors, rollers and frames. Inspection and maintenance fields for assets include: Pulleys Environment Pulley condition Bearing temp Bearing condition Lubrication Lagging condition Scrapers Scrapers Belt condition Belt Cleaning Index (BCI) Blade condition Structure cleanliness Rollers Environment Roll condition Frame position Frame location Frames Environment Frame condition Splices Belt specs Estimated lifespan Splice condition Belt tracking